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Turan Drilling & Engineering drill crew from the West Chirag platform attended the Expro 4-day Completions multi-Skilling training in Baku. The team learned how to set up the Radio Remote Control Tong (RRC), Sheaveless Control Line Manipulator Arm (SCLMA), Driller Controlled RS350 Rotary Spider Slips and learned how to operate the RCC Tong. The training consisted of 2-days of theory and 2-days of practical training.

The aim of this training is to:

  1. Reduce the critical path rig up times by providing the drill crew with more knowledge and skills on the third-party equipment.
  2. Reduce the offshore POB of Expro, without compromising safety and maintaining high operational efficiency.

This training demonstrates the commitment to the alliance between Expro and Turan Drilling & Engineering to provide multiskilled services to bp Azerbaijan. #oneteam #Alliance

The West Chirag drill crew plan to put their training into practice during the running of the completion tubulars on J-24 under the close supervision of the Expro later this year.

[Ed Wheler, Turan Drilling & Engineering, General Director] This alliance between Turan & Expro really demonstrates the commitments made by both companies. These commitments are to address our challenge to access the remaining reserves for bp in Azerbaijan at a competitive cost and to add maximum value to our partners, stakeholders, shareholders, and organizations. To have mutual ownership and a one team approach to all that have a stake in the continuous improvement and delivery is the key to success.

[Adam Stanford, Expro Country Manager] The Turan Drilling & Engineering and Expro team have been collectively working together following a unified vision to reduce POB while introducing Red-Zone eliminating technology that is either operated remotely or directly tied into the driller/rig controls. The technology road map has been a collective effort in a phased approach since 2018 hitting some major milestones along the way. The awareness training with the Turan crews is another part of the phased unified approach that continues to work towards our common goal. The Turan crew members participating in the training were very professional and I could see very eager to tackle this change working closely with the Expro team.